Books ... and more books ...


I’ve been a full-time writer and book editor for many years, both in Britain and, for a short period, in Kenya and Zimbabwe. I was also, for a time, deputy editor of the magazine Child Education.

As an editor, I’ve mostly worked on educational and non-fiction titles for primary and lower-secondary school-age children.

As a writer, most of my own publications have been children’s illustrated non-fiction, many of them for Franklin Watts. I’ve written for all ages from five or so upwards, on topics as varied as juvenile crime, teen celebrities and the weather. Recently, I’ve been concentrating, but not exclusively, on science, and am particularly fascinated by genetics. Most of all, I enjoy researching, and working with experts to get things right and reading well, so I’m likely to become interested in almost any subject I’m working on.  At the moment, that’s a book for adults, on depression. This is at an early stage and is a joint venture with a psychotherapist colleague.

I also write fiction, sometimes under the name of Jenny Vincent.  I’ve done this on commission for reading schemes, and am currently working on a full-length novel for young people. 

The covers on the right show just a few of the titles I’ve worked on. The graded readers were for HarperCollins (in the Book Bus and Pathways series) and also for African schools in two Macmillan Education series, Reading Worlds  and Mactracks.  I’ve edited books on HIV and AIDS education for African schools and taken part in several writing workshops to produce test and assessment reading materials for UK schools.

My work for adults has included on-line and hard copy broadcasting support material for both Channel 4 and the BBC, and features, specifically for ‘Third Age Matters’ (the journal of the University of the Third Age).

I have also edited personal memoirs for private publication, and hope to do more of that.

To any publishers – or any other potential clients out there – I’m always open to offers.

For more information about my experience and my work, please email me.